Meet BRIX - your local Sydney Rum Distillery in Surry Hills

Rum. Brix. Surry Hills. Rum distillery. Spirits. Cocktails.

Rum. Since my teenage years, the mere mention of its name created a genuine physiological response that was far from warm. The tenacious Bacardi bat haunted me. Everyone has one. That "no-go" spirit, the devil that led us down the winding road of suffering. We stumbled along, too inexperienced to recognise our bodily limits, too full of ego to say no, when our mates cheered "bottoms up!" Until ofcourse, the cold floor, or more like, the porcelain bowl made us realise our mere mortality. For many, it's Tequila. For me, it was rum.

Rum. Brix. Surry Hills. Rum distillery. Spirits. Cocktails.
Nestled on Bourke street, just off the busy intersection of Oxford St is BRIX. This quaint little distillery felt akin to a cellar door when you first set foot into it. Our host Mitch greeted us by pouring a kicker of a cocktail, I was immediately  impressed by the smoothness & complexity of the rum. What was happening? Was I genuinely enjoying this? This spirit, which I far too often tasted twice, once on its way down and again on its way out. This was going to be revolutionary for me.

Rum. Brix. Surry Hills. Rum distillery. Spirits. Cocktails.
That's what Brix is passionate about. Changing the reputation of Rum. Showcasing the best of what Australia has to give. Giving Rum the respect and appreciation it deserves. It was a revelation to me.

We talked the nitty gritty of how they craft their spirits. Looked through jars at clusters of Native bush spices and dehydrated citrus fruits, in awe like they were insect specimens. There is so much science and passion here. Mitch, although not an entomologist was like a science professor in the body of a young, hip dram head.
Rum. Brix. Surry Hills. Rum distillery. Spirits. Cocktails.
Interestingly, rum must be aged in wood for at least two years to legally be labelled as rum in Australia.
Brix's White is made entirely at their Surry Hills Distillery using premium molasses and their own Australian made copper still, lovingly referred to as 'Molly'. The techniques used & ingredients are of traditional rum curation but the label is sans "Rum" for this reason.

BRIX will be releasing their first Australian barrel aged rum which has been aged in Aussie wine barrels from arguably some of the best wine regions in the world. For now they have an impressive selection of blended rums.

At their Surry Hills distillery, you can curate your own blended rum and have it cast in its own mini French or American Oak barrel to age for 2 years, only to be yours truly and enjoyed after the wait. After all, good things come to those who wait. 

Love our shots? We do too. Snapped by WhiskyWineSake's photographer Jeff Liu from CJ Picture