The New Collection by Louis Roederer - What it's all about

Non-Vintage champagne is similar to a long marriage - trusty, reliable, consistent, with no surprises lurking around the corner. I get it. Why go change something that aint broke right? Yet infidelities, one night stands, saucy affairs still exist. Louis Roederer has fundamentally broken up with it's Brut Premier. A brave move, since it's the bread & butter. They've signed the divorce papers & have instead started a new affair with their "Collections" range. It's an exciting concept; to compose the very best blend achievable each year. Each collection a unique expression. Instead of striving for consistency, they're celebrating variety & freedom for expression with their winemaking. It's really quite revolutionary for the blending process of NV champagne & in my opinion, an empowering hallmark to the artistry of winemaking.  

Collection 242 is the 242nd blend by Louise Roederer's champagne house, one each year since 1776. Collection 242 boasts more ripened fruit. It's heavier on the Chardonnay which predominates over the Pinot Noir which suffered from rot in 2017 resulting in lower yields. It's utterly delectable and would be a knockout on heals paired with food. I'm excited to see what the next collection will be like. Either way, I'm sure we'll all find our perfect match one day & when we do, we'll have his number to call on.