Highlight - Australian Red Wine: Corryton Burge - Barossa Valley

If there was a royal family for the Barossa it'd be the Burge Family. I met Trent, a six generation Burge & the son of Grant Burge, over a lovely dinner. 
He was incredibly down to earth and passionate about his family's heritage and wine legacy. The night was filled with plenty of cricket talk (Trent being a professional cricketer for many years). It was nothing short of good food, Australian red wine and even better company.  
Corryton Burge is the family's continuing legacy in wine. Powered by Trent and his sister Amelia. 
As we enjoyed the fresh seafood and antipasto. We learn that Corryton Burge is named after Corryton Park Homestead, the family's "heart and soul". 
Now to the juicy bit. The wines come in the "Kith" & "Kin" ranges - (not a homage to "Kath & Kim"). "Kith" is a reference to friends, family & all involved in the wine making. It includes a Barossa Shiraz & Grenache, Eden Valley Riesling and Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris. Approachable & well balanced wines. 
"Kin" is in reference to the Burge "Family". Select, premium wines that reflect the very best from their vineyards. Each bottle lovingly named after a Burge pioneer, such as Nanna the "patroness" or great grandpop "Percival" who started the family's first winery during the depression. The range includes a Barossa Shiraz & Cab Sauv, Cornelian Bay Tassy Pinot Noir & Adelaide Hills Chardonnay. 
Australian Red Wine - Whisky Wine Sake
Refer to accompanying tasting notes under each bottle's description. 

The night ended with a boozey bunch declaring their love for dogs and swapping furbaby photos. With a final stumble to the rooftop to enjoy the Lunar Eclipse.