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Archie Rose Dry Gin

Archie Rose Dry Gin

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A contemporary Australian take on a classic dry gin, carefully distilled in copper vacuum stills. Using their unique cold distillation process to eliminate the adverse impacts of heat, Archie Rose has been able to create botanical distillates of clarity and distinct flavour that redefine their signature spirit and reimagine Australian modern classic gins! Native sunrise lime, geraldton waxflower and hand foraged dorrigo pepperleaf unite the east and west coasts to deliver a quintessentially australian dry gin. Serve with a drier style of tonic or with soda. Mix it in classic cocktails with citrus elements such as a Tom Collins, Southside or Corpse Reviver. Try it neat or on the rocks with a squeeze of citrus.


Origin: Australia
ABV: 42%
Size: 700ml
Standard Drinks: 23.2


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