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Archie Rose X St Ali Whisky

Archie Rose X St Ali Whisky

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Archie Rose X St. Ali Whisky is a collaborative expression between Archie Rose Distilling Co. and St. Ali, a renowned Melbourne-based coffee roastery. This limited edition whisky combines Archie Rose's expertise in distillation with St. Ali's passion for specialty coffee.

The whisky is crafted using Archie Rose's single malt base spirit, which is matured in ex-bourbon casks and finished in St. Ali coffee barrels. This unique finishing process infuses the whisky with rich coffee notes, complementing the whisky's malt sweetness and oak complexity.

Archie Rose X St. Ali Whisky is a celebration of craftsmanship and collaboration, offering a distinctive and memorable drinking experience for whisky and coffee enthusiasts alike.


Origin: Australia
Collaborators: Archie Rose Distilling Co., St. Ali
Base Spirit: Single Malt
Cask Maturation: Ex-Bourbon, Finished in St. Ali Coffee Barrels
Limited Edition: Yes
ABV: 40%

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