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Ultraman Umeshu Set

Ultraman Umeshu Set

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Believing in the deliciousness of fresh ome from Nara, after aging for a long time without adding extra things, we made a refreshing plum wine that can be drunk with rock.
The natural and refreshing sweetness of Ome gives you a sense of calm like green tea.
I also want people who are not good at too sweet plum wine to try it.
No artificial preservatives, colorings or fragrances are used.

What is Ultra Umeshu?

It is loved by both liquor lovers and those who are not accustomed to drinking. And a visual that no one has ever seen. "Ultra plum wine" that pursues such an ideal.
Umeshu, which was selected from 76 manufacturers nationwide for this project, has a deep taste but is easy to drink, and is sweet but not sweet, and has an exquisite taste.
Two products, "Ome Umeshu" and "Fruit Umeshu".
The package design is by Chaykov, a popular Instagram illustrator.
Bottles and corks are imported directly from overseas.


Origin: Japan
Size: 500ml
Alcohol: Alcohol content 12 degrees
Raw Materials: Ome (produced in Nara Prefecture), authentic shochu, sugar, brewed alcohol
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