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Suntory Yamazaki Cask Umeshu Tarushiage 750ml

Suntory Yamazaki Cask Umeshu Tarushiage 750ml

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Suntory's Yamazaki Cask Umeshu Tarushiage is produced by blending aged plum wine in whisky barrels at the Yamazaki Distillery. Characterised by moderate bitterness from the barrel aging with a refreshing taste. Rich aromas with a thickness, lingering taste. Best served neat, on the rocks, or with soda.  

This umeshu has aromas of stone fruits, honeydew, apricots, almonds, brioche, and malt. A rich palate with fruity sweetness of almonds, plums, apricots, and dried fruits blending with hints of Yamazaki malt. The finish provides an impression of ex-whisky barrels delivering vanilla and woody notes to the finish with a slight bitterness. 


Origin: Japan
Size: 750ml x 12
ABV: 20%
Standard Drinks: 11.9

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